Tech olympics - Sound

Sound System Setup - Solo

Area: Sound        

Team Size: 1       


Maximum time allowed to complete the event: 5:00

General Description: The participant must successfully set up a simple sound system to supply signal to a set of standard speakers from two separate sources - one playback source and one microphone.

Setup Instructions for SMMP: Place all sound gear, except speakers, on a table.  Place speakers a given distance from table, and spike their location.  No cables of any kind should be connected to any piece of equipment. Place all cables in a box or bin, and mix them up thoroughly between participants.  Tape out a box on the floor to be used as a start/finish area.

Items supplied to the participants:

  • 1 - Table for sound equipment

  • 1 - mixing board and amplifier (or a powered mixer)

  • 2 - speakers (and stands if needed)

  • 1 - handheld microphone and stand

  • 1 - Line level source, such as a CD player, cassette deck, or DAT player

  • 1 - Sound media to play on line level source, such as a CD, cassette tape, or DAT tape.Media should contain an appropriate piece of music

  • Appropriate cables to successfully complete the exercise. Extra cables of various types and sizes are needed to confuse and dismay.


Recommended steps for successful completion of event:

  • Stand behind start/finish line.On the signal (GO) from the adjudicator, the timing will begin.Participant may now leave the start/finish line.

  • Arrange components of sound system for proper operation.

  • Use available cables to connect all system components together so that sound from source and sound from microphone can be controlled through mixer and be played through speakers.

  • Power up all components in the appropriate order - amps are always last.

  • Play a sound clip from the source to demonstrate that it works properly.

  • Speak through the microphone to demonstrate that it works properly.

  • Once sound has played through the speakers from both sources, the participant will return to the starting area to stop the timer.



  • 30 Seconds - Moving table or speakers

  • 30 Seconds - Powering up equipment in the wrong order

  • 10 Seconds - Any cable stretched too tight

  • 5 Seconds - Cables not in the correct input/output

  • 5 Seconds - Feedback

  • 5 Seconds - Music or microphone too loud

  • DQ - One or both sources fail to produce sound through the speakers.

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