Tech olympics - Rigging

Knot Tying 3 - Bowline/Clove/Sheet Bend

Area: Rigging     

Team Size: 1    


Maximum time allowed to complete the event: 4:00

General Description: The participant must correctly demonstrate their ability to tie three knots; A clove hitch with two half hitches, a bowline around an object, and a sheet bend

Setup Instructions for SMMP: Place a table approximately fifteen (15) feet from a start/finish box (taped out on floor).  Clamp a piece of plywood to the table that has two pipes attached to it for the participants to tie knots around.  Place various ropes on the table, and an object on the floor for the bowline.

Items supplied to the participants:

  • 1 - Table

  • 1 - A piece of plywood that can be clamped to a table. Two pieces of pipe are attached the plywood (one on each side) with two 90 degree elbows each.

  • 12 minimum - Lengths of rope, six feet or longer, of various sizes and materials

  • 1 - Object, such as a lighting instrument or a bucket, around which a bowline will be tied

  • Recommended steps for successful completion of event:

  • Participant may arrange the ropes on the table prior to beginning the event.No rope may be placed on the plywood or pipe, and no rope may be pre-shaped.

  • Stand behind start/finish line.On the signal (GO) from the adjudicator, the timing will begin.Participant may now leave the start/finish line.

  • Use one of the thick ropes provided to tie a clove hitch with two half hitches to one of the provided pipes.

  • Using one of the thin ropes provided, tie a sheet bend between the thicker rope and the thinner rope.

  • After completing the second knot take next length of rope or end of the same length and tie a bowline around the object provided.

  • When all three knots are completed, the participant will return to the starting area to stop the timer.

  • After adjudication, the participant will untie the knots and return the rope to its starting position.

  • NOTE: Knots may be tied in any order.


  • 30 Seconds each - Knot tied incorrectly

  • 10 Seconds - Putting rope in mouth

  • 5 Seconds each - Tails too short (less than three inches)

  • 5 Seconds each - Tails too long (longer than 12 inches)

  • 5 Seconds each - Knot tied too loose

  • 5 seconds - Second Half Hitch tied backwards

  • DQ - Participant does not assist with reset of event for next participant

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