Tech olympics - Props

Strike and Set Up Props - Solo

Area: Props         

Team Size: 1       

Maximum time allowed to complete the event: 5:00

General Description: The participant will strike existing props from a given on-stage table to a marked prop table, and then take a different set of props from the prop table and set them up properly onstage.

Setup Instructions for SMMP: Create two table settings for a given table. Each to be marked out on two separate table cloths, and labeled A (Act I) and B (Act II). Each table setting should have two place settings, but should be for different functions, such as "Tea Time" and "Supper Time", and each should have its own unique utensils.  Set up the "on-stage" table with Act I  table setting.  Place a "prop table" at least 20 feet from the on-stage table, covered in brown paper.  Mark out both table settings, with a space for every prop and each table cloth. If possible, take a photo of each place setting and have hard copies available for the teams.  Tape out a box on the floor to be used as a start/finish area.

Items supplied to the participants:

  • 1 - 3x3 On-stage Table (square or round & can be larger)

  • 1 - 3x6 (or larger) Offstage Props Table

  • 2 - (A&B) Table cloths for on-stage table. Pre-marked for prop placement

  • 2 - Complete place settings on tablecloth A: i.e. plates, utensils, napkins, and water glasses

  • 2 - Complete place settings on tablecloth B: i.e. plates, coffee cups, napkins, and utensils

  • Brown wrapping paper to cover off-stage prop table, marked with both table settings

  • 1 - Roll of masking tape

  • Photo or diagram of proper place settings


Recommended steps for successful completion of event:

  • Prior to event, participant may have time to look over "off-stage"props and photo of setup. No touching or presetting of props is allowed.

  • Stand behind start/finish line.On the signal (GO) from the adjudicator, the timing will begin.Participant may now leave the start/finish line.

  • Strike dishes, glasses, utensils, tablecloth, etc. from the on-stage table.

  • Place them on the pre-set marks on the off-stage prop table.

  • Place the alternate tablecloth on the "on-stage" table.

  • Place the alternate plates, glasses, utensils, etc. on the correct marks on the cloth covering the "on-stage table".

  • Once set, the participant returns to the finish line, and the timer is stopped.



  • 10 Seconds - Any prop dropped on floor

  • 5 Seconds - clanking props/making noise with props

  • 5 Seconds - Picking up or carrying props in a manner that may damage or break prop

  • 5 Seconds - Placing any item in the mouth

  • 5 Seconds-Wrongprop placed on table

  • 5 Seconds per item - Improper position - missed mark on set table

  • 3 Seconds -Tablecloth not set in proper orientation -US/DS

  • 3 Seconds - Tablecloth not straight on set table - corners flipped

  • 3 Seconds per item -Improper position - missed mark on prop table

  • 2 Seconds per item - Silverware upside down or turned around

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