Tech olympics - Stage Managment

Tape a Ground Plan/Laying out a Floor Plan

Area: Stage Management  

Team Size: 2     


Maximum time allowed to complete the event: 5:00

General Description: A team of two participants must accurately tape out a ground plan in a pre-marked area using various spike tapes provided to them.

Setup Instructions for SMMP: Obtain or create a groundplan for a proscenium theatre that contains a simple scenic design.  Create copies that are available to the teams on the day before the event.  Provide an area large enough to tape out the given groundplan and mark center line, plaster line, and the proscenium.  Provide a table upon which are placed the tape measures, spike tape, a scale rule, and extra copies of the groundplan.  Tape out a "start/finish line" behind which the participants must stand.


Items supplied to the participants:

  • A Groundplan in 1/2" = 1'-0" or 1/4" = 1'-0" scale.Center line, plaster line, and proscenium location clearly indicated. It should also contain a simple scenic design with several pieces of furniture

  • 2 - Scale Rules

  • 2 - 50 foot or 100 foot cloth measuring tapes

  • 4 - Measuring tapes of any variety - cloth, steel, plastic, etc. - of at least 25 feet each

  • 6 - Rolls of spike tape, with at least 3 unique colors.Also, several rolls of other tape to confuse and dismay.Ex: Masking tape, painters tape, electrical tape, duct tape

  • Adequate area to tape out the ground plan. Area needs to be taped out with a center line and plaster line that match the ground plan


Recommended steps for successful completion of event:

  • Stand behind start/finish line.On the signal (GO) from the adjudicator, the timing will begin.Participants may now leave the start/finish line.

  • Retrieve all necessary supplies from the SM table - such as tape and tape measures.

  • Analyze the ground plan provided and plan the taping procedure.

  • Use your established method to measure, locate, and properly spike the necessary elements of the scenic design as you would for a rehearsal space.

  • After participants feel that they have successfully completed the activity, they must return to the start/finish line.

  • Once all team members cross the finish line the timer will stop.

  • Once the adjudicator scores the event, participants must assist in removing all spikes from the floor.



  • 30 Seconds - Using the wrong type of tape

  • 30 Seconds - Inaccurate scale translation into the stage space

  • 15 Seconds per occurrence - Inaccurate measurement within the scenic shape

  • 15 Seconds per occurrence - Inaccurate placement of the scenic elements within the stage space

  • 10 Seconds per missing line - Incomplete ground plan when participant crosses finish line to complete event

  • 10 Seconds - Argument between team members - adjudicator discretion

  • 5 Seconds per occurrence - Malformed corners (not meeting or overlapping)

  • DQ - Team does not assist in resetting the event

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