Tech olympics - Lighting

Hang, Focus, and Strike Lighting Instruments - Team

Area: Lighting    

Team Size: 2       


Maximum time allowed to complete the event: 5:00

General Description: Using a standard hang card, a team of two participants hang two lighting instruments on a provided pipe, focus those instruments on a set of given shapes, and install a color filter in the frame.  At the discretion of the adjudicators, following adjudication of this activity, the same two participants strike the equipment back to their home positions.

Setup Instructions for SMMP: Provide a goalpost-style pipe approximately ten (10) feet long and six (6) feet from the floor, located approximately twenty-five (25) feet from a bare wall.  Hang two ellipsoidal spots on the pipe, and use the framing shutters to create two unique geometric shapes (a rectangle, rhomboid, or parallelogram - 18 to 36 inches on each sides) on the wall with tightly focused beams.  Use masking tape to outline the shapes on the wall.  Remove the instruments and store them in a pool of at least four instruments that can be used for the event. Provide a table on which the color filters, frames, and tools will be placed.  Tape out a "start/finish line" behind which the participants must stand.

Items supplied to the participants:

  • 4 minimum - Ellipsoidal lighting instruments - of at least two different types

  • 6 minimum - color filters (gels) to fit instruments provided and to match colors called out on the hang cards

  • Pipe to create a goal post set up.Mark and label pipe at one foot intervals.

  • Masking tape to apply shapes onto wall

  • 6 -unique hang cards showing the pipe provided for the event, and two of the provided instruments. Each hang card should have the instruments in unique locations, and unique color filters for the instruments, and two hang areas.

  • 2 minimum of each h size (Sm, Med, Lg, XL) - pairs of lighting electrician's work gloves.NOTE: Participants may wear their own personal gloves.

  • 2 minimum - Adjustable wrenches. NOTE: Participants MUST use the wrenches provided.

  • 2 - Electrical cables to supply power from wall to instruments


Recommended steps for successful completion of event:

  • Stand behind start/finish line, put on the focus gloves, and take the focus card from the Marshall. Do NOT look at the hang card.

  • On the signal (GO) from the adjudicator, the timing will begin.Participants may now leave the start/finish line and look at the hang card.

  • Analyze the information on the hang card, and select the appropriate instruments to hang.

  • Choose the most appropriate instruments from the available units, and hang them at the indicated locations on the pipe provided.

  • Tighten the clamp properly, install the safety cable in the appropriate manner, and pull the shutters open.

  • Use available cables to power up the instruments, focus them on the provided pattern on the wall, and tighten the instruments down properly. Focus must be sharp and cut to the lines based on the hang card.

  • Based on information provided on the hang card, install appropriate color filter into each instrument.

  • Once the participants have completed the focus on both instruments, return to the start/finish line to complete part 1 of the event.Timing will stop when both participants have crossed the start/finish line.

  • Optional: After part 1 has been adjudicated, both team members return to the start/finish line, and ensure they are both wearing focus gloves.

  • Optional: After part 1 has been adjudicated, both team members return to the start/finish line, and ensure they are both wearing focus gloves.

  • Optional: On the signal from the adjudicator, the timer will begin again for part 2.Participants may now leave the start area.

  • Optional: Properly strike the instruments from the pipe, and return all equipment to the appropriate storage positions.

  • Optional: Once instruments are stored properly, color filters are returned, and wrenches are replaced, participants return to the start/finish line to complete part 2 of the event.



  • 45 Seconds each - Dropping a lighting instrument

  • 25 Seconds - Gloves not worn at all times

  • 15 Seconds - Instrument hung upside down

  • 15 Seconds each - Forgot gel frame

  • 15 Seconds each - Safety cable not installed properly

  • 15 Seconds each - C- clamp loose

  • 15 Seconds each - equipment not stored properly during strike - includes instruments, filters, frame, and C-wrenches

  • 10 seconds each - dropping anything other than a lighting instrument (C-wrench, gel frame, etc.)

  • 10 Seconds - Placing any items in mouth

  • 10 Seconds -Shutters not open before plugging in

  • 5 Seconds each - loose yoke handle / loose wing nut / loose pin screw / loose focus knob / loose barrel knob

  • 3 Seconds each -Spring clip, if present, not closed after installing gel frame

  • 5 Seconds - Incorrect shutter cuts (per cut)

  • 5 Second each - Focus not sharp

  • 5 Seconds per infraction - NOT following the hang card

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