Tech olympics - Costume

Costume Change - Solo

Area: Costume    

Team Size: 1       

Maximum time allowed to complete the event: 5:00


General Description: The participant in this event will help an actor in a quick change, while maintaining decorum and organization.

Setup Instructions for SMMP: Create a "quick change area," complete with costume rack, costumes, a small table, and extra hangers.  Rack should be clearly labeled for the "Scene 1" and "Scene 2" costumes and their accessories, and should contain extra hangers.  Quick change area should be clearly defined by tape on the floor.

Items supplied to the participants:

  • 1 - Costume rack with hangers

  • 2- live models - 1 actor & 1 actress

  • 2 - Scene 1 outfits (1 male, 1 female) with a minimum of 4 different elements (dress, pants, shirt, jacket, shoes, hat, wig, belt).Must fit the same people as Scene 2

  • 1 - Scene 2 outfits (1 male, 1 female) with a minimum of4 different elements (dress, pants, shirt, jacket, shoes, hat, wig, belt) .Must fit the same person as Scene 1

  • 1 - small table (if necessary)

  • 1 - chair for each model


Recommended steps for successful completion of event:

  • On the signal (GO) from the adjudicator, the timing will begin.Participant may now enter quick change area, and begin to prep the area.

  • After 15 seconds of prep time, the Marshall will send the performer into the quick change area.

  • Remove the existing costume elements from the performer.

  • Dress performer in alternate costume elements.All fasteners must be completely closed.

  • NOTE: Performer may assist with quick change, but MUST be directed to do so by the participant.

  • Once performer is fully changed, the participant must say, "CLEAR," and the performer must leave the quick change area.

  • Once the performer leaves the quick change area, the timer is stopped.



  • 20 Seconds - Alternate clothing improperly placed on actor (un-snapped, un-hooked, un-laced etc.)

  • 5 to 15 Seconds - Unnecessary roughness of the actor - Judge's call

  • 5 Seconds each - Missing accessories (hat, scarf, jewelry etc.)

  • 5 Seconds - Unnecessary noise backstage

  • 5 Seconds - Rough handling of the costumes or accessories

  • 5 Seconds - Not prepped in 15 seconds -misses actor's entrance into area

  • 5 Seconds - Inappropriate lingering

  • DQ - Costume(s) not hung properly back on hangers, accessories not stored properly, area left untidy

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