March 29, 2018

March 29, 2018

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USITT 2018 Sessions Galore!

September 29, 2017




Each year our program becomes more robust, offering options to a variety of career levels. During the 4-day span of USITT, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of over 300 sessions sorted into 12 different tracks.


Whether you’re looking for career growth advice, to connect with your peers, or enhance your skills to bring you to the next level; there is plenty to keep you engaged!


We've hand-picked a selection of presentations being offered in Fort Lauderdale to whet your appetite, but don't stop there! There is much more to explore at


Performing Arts Venues for Historically Underserved Communities (Architecture)

This session is a review of development, programming processes, and design solutions that were unique to performing arts venues in under-served communities and cultures. This session will consist of snapshots of tweaked processes and specific design solutions.


Utilizing Technology for Digital Costume/Makeup Technology & Design (Costume)

You will want to throw out your old binders and your watercolors and paintbrushes because you’ve got…your tablet! Costume and makeup communication tools are quickly shifting from old school watercolor and marker and show bible to tablet, stylus, and cloud-based collaboration. Presenters will show and demonstrate a variety of apps and software, techniques and digital tools for costume rendering, makeup rendering, as well as digitizing costume shop record keeping.


Research in Interactive Entertainment Technology (Engineering)

Interactive technology is becoming more prevalent within live performances, exhibits, media, and other events. Attend this session for an in-depth presentation of current academic research in interactive Entertainment Technology and a discussion on how it may change our past and future experiences.


Visual Storytelling with Projections & New Media (Lighting Design & Technology, Media Design)

How do we use projection,  and new technologies to visually communicate a story within a theatrical production? How do designers capitalize on the language of fine art, cinema, animation, memes, graphic novels, gaming, etc. to create rich visual worlds for the stage? Award-winning, professional projection and digital media designers will share their work and creation process while focusing on focuses on how to: Create dynamic visuals that are dramaturgically relevant to the story and collaborate with the theatrical team to meaningfully integrate video into theatre. 

Rock & Roll Concert Production— It’s Not Just About the Brown M&M’s Anymore (Management)

Stop by this hamming session to hear concert professionals discuss the ins and outs of production, stage and tour management, and what it takes to look after the rich and famous, both onstage and off.

Walk this Way- Exit Lighting and Signage in the Theatre (Safety & Health)

Safety first! Making sure that exit signs and pathways are clearly marked and well lit becomes a challenge when the spillover impacts the lighting design. This session will discuss ways to deal with these challenges while maintaining a safe evacuation route in the event it is needed.

Presenting Your Design with Augmented Reality (Scene Design & technology)

Walk your director and technicians through a full sized, digital world of augmented reality! Demonstrate how you imagine a scene shifts. Preview what the audience will experience from any seat in the house. Learn to use the simplest technology such as Google Cardboard and Gear VR. as well as the more sophisticated Virtual Reality headsets and the exciting world of the HoloLens and Augmented Reality to present designs masterfully.

Building an Inclusive Scene Shop Culture (Technical Production)

Through the lens of managers from three institutions who have a demonstrated commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, the Guthrie Theater, and California Shakespeare Theater, a discussion on how to build an inclusive shop culture will be at the forefront. An inclusive shop requires everyone, managers AND employees, to contribute to the culture, so ideas and tips for everyone will be included. This will be lively dialogue featuring audience interaction and many lessons learned.


Look for more session highlights in upcoming Conference Newsletters!



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