Harlequin Reversible Chroma Key Vinyl

Harlequin Reversible chroma key vinyl is designed specifically for digital composting with one side chroma key green and the other chroma key blue. It is a practical solution for film, TV and video games where there is a chroma key requirement for visual effects or post production. Harlequin reversible projection gray vinyl is the ideal product for floors where projection is required. The special color mix has been designed to enhance contrast ratios, ensuring less light bleed and less unwanted reflective light, delivering more vivid projection of images.

Lycian Stage Lighting

An economical, yet powerful follow spot built in the Lycian tradition; zoom optics, color boomerang, fine focus, iris and shutter.

NINJA Apparel & Accessory Line

NINJA is a new line of apparel and accessories geared specifically for those who work in the dark.  A combination of gear that can be worn onstage and off, as well as some humorous remarks on our industry.


The new GCeX System along side the new SpotRay luminaire packs all the industry-changing features of GroundControl into a lighter, more economical package. From the mainstage musical to the tightly packed black-box, GCeX will revolutionize your production. Released in 2015, PRG's GroundControl Followspot system has illuminated some of the top productions in the world including U2, Eurovision, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Bon Jovi. The revolutionary remote followspot system has been cited by many as the most revolutionary lighting technology in recent history. Come by booth 2117 to be one of the first in the world to experience the newest member of the award-winning GroundControl (GC) family with the world-debut of the GCeX System!

Wireless Mic Belts


Introducing the WMB Belt Pac v2 with improved materials and design functions. The new Label System offers a writeable surface and cable management.

These companies will be debuting these products for the first time at USITT.  Make sure to visit these booths and be the first to try out their products.  Go to the USITT Mobile App and vote for your favorite product launch of USITT 2018!

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