Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops are held on Monday March 12, Tuesday March 13, and Saturday March 17. These are extra-cost items and need to be registered for in advance. Please check the dates and times carefully before registering.


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Monday, March 12 & Tuesday, March 13

SOLD OUT OSHA 10 - General Entertainment Safety


OSHA 10 - General Entertainment Safety

This customized OSHA 10 Training is brought to you by the IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust Fund and USITT as a part of the alliance between these organizations and OSHA. The OSHA 10-hour program provides a variety of training on general industry safety and health regulations for both entry-level and experienced workers. Upon completion of both days, you will have earned your OSHA 10 card. It covers OSHA policies, procedures, and standards, as well as general industry safety and health principles. Topics include scope and application of the OSHA general industry standards. Special emphasis is placed on those areas that are the most hazardous, using OSHA standards as a guide. This training is customized for and uses examples from the Entertainment Industry. Additional registration fee required.


Monday 1pm-6pm, Tuesday 10am-6pm

Presenters: Joe Aldridge, Eddie Raymond, Alan Rowe, Mike Murphy, Kent Jorgenson

Price: $50 member/$75 non-member


Digital Costume Design Rendering and Collaging

In-depth instruction on how to draw, render and fully design costumes using online tools and software. Grounded in the use of Photoshop, learn the process of building a costume design from scratch, including information on digital tools and painting techniques. Instruction will include: techniques for painting, texturing, layering, and adding special effects.


The presenter’s techniques are available here. A sample of his designs are available on flickr here and here.


There will be a preparation packet sent to the participants prior to the workshop. Copies of Rafael Jaen's upcoming book Digital Costume Design and Collaboration: Applications in Academia, Theatre and Film will be available.


Monday 9am-5pm

Presenter: Rafael Jaen

Price: $175 Member/$210 Non-Member


A Tour of Local Fort Lauderdale/Miami Are Performing Arts & Entertainment Venues

Tour local Fort Lauderdale/Miami venues and learn about the arts culture of the region. Transportation provided.


Tuesday 8:30am-4:30pm

Presenter: David Vieira

Price: $75 member/$100 non-member


USITT Electrical Workshop

This one day basic/intermediate level electrical workshop covers many items in the ETCP Electrician Candidate Handbook outline. It will explain the basics of entertainment electrical systems, including an overview of the National Electrical Code® and NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety Requirements for Employee Workplaces. ETCP certificants can use the course for renewal credits.


Tuesday 8:30am-6pm

Presenters: Jerry Gorrell, Mitch Hefter

Price: $345 member/$400 non-member


Flat Pattern Draft a 19th Century Corset

Focusing on the method in the book Stays and Corsets Historical Patterns Translated for the Modern Body, by Mandy Barrington, this day-long workshop will teach attendees how to flat pattern draft an accurate individual 19th-century corset for a contemporary body shape.


Attendees will learn the complete process of creating a flat pattern draft from an original corset found in a museum collection. Starting from measurements and mathematical formulas, attendees will learn the process of creating a pattern that is unique to the wearer - drafting individual basic block (sloper) patterns for themselves during the session and converting this to new historic stays or corset patterns.


Physical examples of the various corsets included in the book, plus construction samples and tips on methods of constructing stays and corsets will also be included. This provides valuable information and greater understanding of the corset making process. An insight into the second volume of Stays and Corsets with information on the new patterns that will appear in the book will be provided.


Participants will receive a copy of Stays and Corsets Historical Patterns Translated for the Modern Body.


Tuesday 9am-5pm

Presenter: Mandy Barrington

Price: $275 member/$330 non-member


Lighting Design Masterclass: From Basements to Broadway, every week is tech week

Join Ken Bilington and Paul Miller as they share design and career insights to working professionally in the field of lighting in the modern entertainment industry. Learn what you need to know to build a career as a designer, assistant or programmer for Broadway, regional theatre, theme parks, and television.


Tuesday 9am-5pm

Presenters: Ken Billington, Paul Miller

Price: $325 member/$390 non-member


Bravery in the Face of a Grant

Deciding to write a grant can be overwhelming and intimidating. Fear no more! This workshop will go through the process from search to submit by breaking it down into manageable sections that anyone can follow. Break down the parts of a grant proposal and how to write the grant to get the best result from the granting organization. Also, how to find grants that may be a good fit for your theatre or project. 


Tuesday 1pm-5pm

Chair: Trish Hausmann

Presenters: Ouida Maedel, Erin McCann-Sabo

Price: $150 member/$180 non-member


Ninja Photo Triage: Rescuing bad photos from impossible circumstances

This workshop will demonstrate the many tools and strategies by which stage photography can enhance your work as designers, technicians, and/or educators. Workshop participants will be introduced to a wide array of tools and strategies that will allow the participant to overcome the limitations of the photographic past. The workshop will explore the tools and techniques that can meet the challenges of resuscitating archive photos or more recent photos with limited equipment. Learn how to squeeze the best quality image out of the equipment you already own! Learn, how hundreds of lighting combinations in a scenic model can be demonstrated by taking only three photos. The workshop will explore a variety of software and hardware, including affordable wireless lighting, enhanced cell phone photos, and 360-degree photography. Participants should have a basic knowledge of their camera and Photoshop. Use of a personal laptop is required.  


Tuesday 12pm-6pm

Presenter: Richard Finkelstein

Price: $135 member/$175 non-member


Cultural Appropriation in the World of Costume Design & Technology
What is cultural appropriation? How does it differ from a stereotype? How can research allow you as Costume Designer & Technician to move beyond these social pitfalls? Learn methods, and ways of thinking about characters, cultures, diversity and how to structure your research and ask the important questions about productions involving portrayals of cultures and characters differing from your own experiences. The Costume Design & Technology Commission encourages costume, hair and makeup students, industry professionals and academic professionals to attend. For those at an academic institution or business, a certificate of attendance will be issued at the completion, which is often recognized for continuing diversity and inclusion training. 

Saturday 12:30pm-4:30pm
Presenters: Jenny Kenyon, Rafael Jaen
Price: $25 member/$50 non-member


TellTaleHeart: Themed Attraction Charrette

Create the concept design for a themed entertainment attraction with mentorship and guidance from longtime industry professionals George Head and USITT Distinguished Award Winning Michael Devine. Small group teams will learn the process that themed entertainment designers use to begin to develop their ideas for attractions, exhibits, and other visitor experiences and will produce their own unique idea for Edgar Allen Poe’s The Telltale Heart. Non-traditional ideas welcomed!


Saturday 1pm-5pm

Presenters: Karen Maness, Michael Devine, George Head

Price: $125 member/$160 non-member


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