One of the great benefits of USITT visiting different cities each year, is the opportunity to take advantage of the local environment.  This can relate to the people and companies in the region; or in 2018, it can literally be the weather of South Florida in March.  


In 2018, USITT will be producing an outdoor stage that will serve multiple purposes throughout the week. The stage will be a mobile trailer provided by Stageline


First, it will serve as a special event space. The intention is to host our Opening Night event outside under the stars.  The Tech Olympics will also be utilizing the space (weather permitting).  Additional plans are in action and will be announced later this fall.


The stage will also serve as a conference education space. The sessions on this stage will focus around outdoor challenges for each discipline.  You’ll find lighting, sound, costume, scenic sessions on the outdoor stage. 


The Event Safety Alliance will participate with a session on the stage discussing outdoor safety and trends.  Stageline will also be hosting a demo of the mobile stage options and features which will be an excited feature of the event. 

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