Exhibit Rules

  • Applicant must be a current Individual, Professional, Student, or Senior member of USITT to participate.

  • Designers may enter no more than one realized production in each category (costume, scenery, and lighting) and no more than one design category on one panel.

  • All entries must have been produced since January 2016. 

  • Each entry will be displayed on one side of a 4’ x 8’ vertical panel.  Designers are strongly recommended to stay within an easy reading height for judges convenience. No electricity is available.

  • At minimum, designers will be expected to include renderings and sketches, a brief statement of intent or concept (100 words maximum) and photographs of the realized productions.

  • Design presentations may be formatted in any way the designer wishes to use the display panel. Designer will be expected to supply all labeling and title blocks for their presentations.

  • Small three-dimensional work may be attached to panels. The Design Expo Committee reserves the right to disallow any 3-D work which obstructs another designer’s panel or interferes with a free flow of traffic through the exhibit area.

  • Models measuring no more than 15” deep by 24” wide may be displayed on a model shelf which will be provided by USITT. There is a $10 charge for a model shelf.

  • Designers are responsible for transporting their own work to and from the exhibit and for mounting and removing their display during assigned hours. Designers not attending the Conference may designate a representative to transport, mount, and remove the exhibit during the established setup and removal times.

  • Designers are responsible for providing any desired protective covering for their art work and display materials. Normal exhibit security will be provided. Design work will not be covered by insurance, and USITT assumes no responsibility for damaged, lost, or stolen materials.

  • Designs may not be removed prior to the 2 PM, Saturday, March 17close of the exhibit.

  • Designers selected for inclusion in the exhibit catalog will be asked to provide 4-6 jpg images of their work no later than three weeks following the conference.

  • Special arrangements will be made to allow for a total production presentation. All entries for the same production will be encouraged to place their scenic, costumes, and lighting designs on separate panels adjacent to each other.

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